MTL Collection

Our new MTL collection is a collaboration with one of our favorite weightlifters, Mary Theisen-Lappen.





This collection is a representation of Mary as both an athlete and a person. The collection will include singlets, shirts, socks, stickers, scrunchies and so much more! A percentage of each purchase from this collection will go straight to supporting her and her journey to making the 2024 Olympic Team!



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MTL Finals remake

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MTL Barbie Pink! MTL Barbie Pink! MTL Barbie Pink!
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MTL Barbie Pink!

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ALL Black MTL Remake

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Tie-Dye MTL Crop

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Tie-Dye MTL Razor Back Tank

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Tie-Dye MTL T-Shirt

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Tie-dye socks

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Power Scrunchies

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Sticker Pack

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