Q:What If I do not know exactly what I want? 

A: If you are unsure of what you want, but have an idea, please send me that idea. I can help guide you. If you do not have any ideas for your design, then scheduling a design consultation may be the best option. 

Q: What is a design consultation? 

A: A design consultation is a 30 min skype call with Cortney, who will help guide you through the design process. You will be able to see fabrics in real time. At the end of the consultation Cortney will either have a full design for you, or will have an idea for your design that she will send to you a few days after your consultation. 

Q: Can I put sequins on my singlet? 

A: Yes, any sequin added to your singlet will require a “CB Remake” upgrade on the store. 

Q: Can I have my singlet lined? 

A: Yes, you will need to specify that on your order form. If you would like a custom print on the inside of the singlet, it will be a+20$ upgrade. 

Q: Can I line the crotch?

A: Yes. this will need to be specified on your order form. 

Q: Can I put my dog/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend's face on my singlet?

A: Yes. You will need to send a clean edited file of the exact image that you would like on the singlet. I will not edit the image. 

Q: What designs are available? 

A: Nothing is off the table with your custom singlet.

Q: How long is the production time? 

A: Production will take 2-3 weeks from the start of your scheduled production date. 

Q: Can I add logos, names etc. to my singlet? 

A: Yes. You will need to provide a clean file, and allow up to an extra week for it. All printing is vinyl.

Q: What is considered an “Added Extra?” 

A: An Added Extra is any type of applique, zipper, and/or strappy back. 

Q: Can I have something embroidered on my singlet? 

A: At this time, this is not an option that we offer. However, you may look locally to see if it can be done.

Q: How long can my legs be on the singlet? 

A: A singlet may not go past the knee. 

Q: What if I want my legless to be cheeky? 

A: That can be done, please specify that on your order form. 

Q: What If I want a legless singlet, but a little extra coverage? 

A: Please specify that on your order form. 

Q: What if I can not afford the singlet price up front?

A: At SLS we want everyone to have access to a custom singlet. We offer financing though Shop Pay, and also have a rental option.