Rental Return Instructions

Now that you have set PRs in your rental singlet, it is time to get her ready for the next person! Below are instructions on how to wash and dry the rental, as well as how to return the singlet. A kind reminder that your rental time is 30 days total. 


Hand wash in cold water with a touch of laundry detergent. Hang to dry. DO NOT put singlet in dryer. 



When you received your rental it should come with a shipping bag already labeled. Be sure to put your already washed singlet in this bag, along with your care card that is signed. By signing the card you are acknowledging that you have read and followed all care instructions. Seal the shipping bag and drop it in the mailbox. It will already have a tracking number attached to it, so once it is in the mailbox, thats it! You will receive your deposit back once the rental is back with us and passes our care inspection!